Worlds Most Luxurious Apartments

It’s not about size it’s how you use it, or when it comes to apartments its location and luxury. With the increase of career centred lifestyles many people are opting for the city lifestyle and reaping the benefits. Apartment living allows for convenience, low maintenance and upkeep, minimal time in commute and proximity to great food as well as social activities and entertainment. The following apartments showcase just why apartment living is lifestyle at its best.

  1. Tommy Hilfigers $50 million New York City Apartment

The Plaza Penthouse overlooks central park and is a proud testament to the history of it’s New York location.

2.  57 Million New York City Apartment

This apartment also based in New York City showcases everything you could ever need in luxury from a pool, to a spa, to a three story atrium. Why would you ever want to leave.

2. Liev Schrieber’s Apartment Space

Liev Schrieber actor, director, screenwriter and producer shows of his stylish dark new york apartment.  Great use of dark and light as well as showing off what luxury can be achieved in a small space.

4. Meg Ryans Loft Style Apartment

Classic elegant and a perfect use of space, it’s easy to forget you are in the heart of the city.

5. Monaco Penthouse

This penthouse apartment overlooks the sea, stands at 5 stories high and is worth a cheeky $387 million. The water slide is also a great addition.

6. World’s Most Expensive Home

The most expensive home in the world (excluding Buckingham Palace) is situated in India. This 27 story apartment has every luxury available to man. Anything you could possibly think of in luxury this home has in abundance.

7. Naomi Watts City Apartment

Naomi Watts talks about how she loves raising her family in the centre of the city. With access to the best of parks, bike parks and educational options.

8. Nina Garcia’s Travel Inspired Apartment

Nina Garcia known for her role as judge on america’s reality TV show project runway, talks about how life and traveling inspires the look of her home, her oasis.

9.Carole Radziwill and Her New York Home

Carole Radziwill reality television star of the popular Real Housewives of New York series speaks to architectural digest about integrating her animals into apartment living.

10.   Model Anne Vyalitsyna Ultra Stylish Apartment

Anne shows of her bright artistic personality with this fun and unique apartment. The space showcases how unique furniture and bright colours can transform a small simple space.

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