The Bachelors Osher Gunsberg Sells Bondi Beach Apartment

Osher Gunsberg might be best known for his romance skills, as seen on TV’s The Bachelor, but now he’s stepping into the real-estate world too. 

Known by both his new title, and his former stage name “Andrew G”, Osher is a radio presenter and journalist who won the hearts of millions as the host of reality shows like The Bachelorette Australia, The Bachelor Australia and Bachelor in Paradise Australia. He’s also known as the narrator for the factual TV series, Bondi Rescue. 

Recently, Gunsberg announced that he would be selling his Bondi Beach apartment for a price of $1 million, to raise money so that he can upgrade to a Sydney residence. The TV personality said that he planned to put his one-bedroom investment property up for sale by auction on August the 27th this year. 

What to Expect from Gunsberg’s Apartment

With a price tag of a million dollars, you’d probably expect Gunsberg’s apartment to be pretty incredible. Apparently, the host bought the loft-style home with a parking space as well as a rooftop terrace back in 2006, for a significant price of $550,000. He bought the property when he was on American idol, for a fee that was said to be “record breaking” at the time. 

Back then, Gunsberg already had a home on Bondi Beach in the form of a studio apartment at the southern edge of the beach. However, he sold that property in 2010 for a small profit. The new apartment for sale is a spacious affair with an attractive master bedroom, sunshine-covered terrace and some interesting artwork on the walls too. 

Albert Sassoon of the Belle Property Double Bay company said that Gunsberg has decided to make the sale so that he can upgrade to a home in Sydney instead. Currently, the $1 million price is just a guide for what new owners might be willing to pay.

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