Keith Urban Buys Beachside Apartment for His Mum

What better way to show your mum how much you love her than with a brand new apartment? Generous country star, Keith Urban recently showed his mum how much he cared by purchasing a $1 million apartment for her in the Queensland region of Maroochydore. Mother Marienne is sure to be thrilled with the beachside apartment, which is located only a few metres from the beach. 

Urban’s mum will be able to start each day in style with a walk along the shore to help here wake up and refresh her senses. The million-dollar apartment also comes with ocean views throughout, two bathrooms, and three bedrooms. 

The Perfect Gift from a Loving Son

In a quest to become the best son in the world, and put other children to shame, Keith Urban purchased the 1 million dollar apartment in an apartment block which offers a range of amenities for residents. For instance, Urban’s mum will have access to a pool, a gym, a herb garden, and a library, as well as various BBQ and outdoor cooking options. 

The new location is close to Marienne’s former home in the Mountain Creek area, where she lived with her husband Bob until he passed away a few years ago. 

According to reports from the Daily Mail, the residents in the area are looking forward to seeing Marienne and welcoming her to the community. A neighbour said that the residents would be looking for ways to make life easier for Marienne, as they all knew how much she’d been through in recent years. The neighbours heard that Keith had bought the apartment in that area specifically because he wanted to buy a place for his mum where she could make new friends and find some happiness. 

The area is known for being very friendly and neighbourly. We’re sure that Marienne will fit right in! 

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