Introducing Noosa’s Most Expensive Apartment

A beautiful beach property on Hastings Street in Noose Heads’ recently broke the record for the most expensive apartment ever sold in the region. The three-bathroom and three-bedroom unit steps out onto the Main Beach of Noosa and was acquired by a bidder for $8.25 million before it had a chance to hit the market. Apparently, a buyer from Melbourne was lucky enough to get the sale. For the price, he or she can expect a whole-floor penthouse-style apartment with sweeping views of the beach. 

How Does the Price Compare?

Despite it’s record-breaking price, the high costs of the most expensive apartment in Noosa doesn’t come close to the money someone would potentially pay for a pricey apartment in a capital cities. For instance, the biggest sale in Sydney went to an apartment that sold for $60 million. The apartment was located in the Barangaroo tower. On the other hand, in Melbourne, the highest record sale went for $25 million in Skyscraper Australia 108. 

Currently, the penthouse in the St Kilda Saint Moritz project also has a high potential price tag of $30 million, so it could well break the record in Melbourne. On the Golden Coast, Ron Bakir sold the Surfer’s Paradise Penthouse in the Chevron Renaissance building for $9.5 million in 2018 – a sale that holds the record today. 

Noosa’s record price still tops the highest-priced apartment in Brisbane, however. Currently, the highest price ever paid for an apartment in Brisbane is $6.5 for a riverfront three-bedroom resident in the Aquila Building at New Farm. 

Increasing Values at Noosa

Although Noosa’s most expensive apartment might pale in comparison to some of the expensive locations in Melbourne and Sydney, the value of houses in the region is actually going up. According to data from the Domain House Price report, the median price for a unit in Noosa has grown by 80.4% over the last five years – which makes it one of the best-performing markets in the country. 

Experts believe that the prices of homes in Noosa are likely to continue going up in the years ahead. More homeowners have been driven to the location lately, thanks to the stunning location and recreational facilities. Most real-estate professionals agree that the $8.25 million record might be broken very soon. Already, another apartment on Hastings Street has been listed with a guide price of $11 million. This beach front mid-floor apartment offers two car parks and two living spaces, as well as three bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

Real-estate analysts believe that Noosa apartments currently make a lot of sense for today’s buyers, particularly as rental returns continue to be strong. Additionally, visitor numbers have increased, and dwelling numbers remain high, giving investors plenty of options to choose from. 

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