Australia Introduces Futuristic New Sky Garages

Dame Nellie Melba is one of the best-known women in Australian history. 

You can see Dame Melba’s face on the $100 note, in recognition of her achievements as an incredible globally famous soprano. As she rose to success, Melba’s fame coincided with the transition from the era of the horse-drawn carriage, to the age of the automobile. Dame Nellie Melba quickly became known for her fantastic collection of cars. 

Melba was probably one of the first truly dedicated female motorists in Australia, and she was the first to own her own motor car. The Dame managed to get her hands on quite a few unique automobiles over the years, as she was close friends with the managing director of Rolls Royce, Claude Johnson. In a nod to historical figures like Dame Melba, the Neue Grand apartment complex by Growland has decided to celebrate Australia’s love of the automobile, with the country’s first collection of sky garages. 

What is a Sky Garage?

Inspired by women like Dame Nellie Melba with her world-famous collection of cars, the sky garages created by the Neue Grand apartments team will allow residents to exhibit their vehicles behind glass in their home. This luxury development comes with 18 full-floor apartment, each featuring its own two-car sky garage. 

The Chief Executive of Growland, Ronald Chan, said that the team wanted to create something truly unique with the complex. Using the same German-design system employed to showcase cars in Singapore, the Wohr Multiparker, the sky garage will allow residents to drive their car into a basement, where it will be lifted into their garage using an automated system. 

Unlike the vehicle display building in Singapore, residents at Neue Grand will also be able to access their cars within their apartments. There’s a door to the storage room which detects that the space is safe and secure, so you can go in and check out your vehicle. You’ll also be able to access your car to retrieve any shopping bags you might have left in your boot. 

A First for Australian Homes

The sky garages in Neue Grand are the first to appear in the Australian real estate market, and they’re set to be compatible with 95% of the cars in the current market, according to the team. Each apartment will also come with a basement car space where people can charge their vehicle. 

The “super penthouse” also comes with four sky garages and two basement spots. The unique apartment block was created by the award-winning firm Rothlowman, which has covered everything from the exterior design to the interiors. Every apartment comes with 3 bedrooms and an en-suite bathroom, as well as a powder room, multi-purpose room, kitchen with butcher’s pantry, and more. 

Prices for these pioneering new homes start an average of $4.3 million – with the guarantee that everything in your home will be top-of-the-range, with no options to upgrade. Additionally, each residence comes with high-tech home automation, so you can speak to an assistant to control your music, lighting, curtains, and more. 

The construction will be completed by July 2021 and will cater to only 18 families.

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