How to Save for a New Apartment

Are you dreaming of a new apartment for you and your partner? Maybe you want to break free from the family home and strike out on your own. Whatever the reason for your upcoming apartment hunt, you’re going to need a savings strategy – and fast. The quicker you begin saving for your ideal home,


Introducing IKEA’s Small Space Collection: Foldable Furniture that’s Easy to Move

The annual event for designers “Democratic Design Days” that IKEA runs each year allows innovators from around the world to introduce some of their most impressive designs for furniture and collections. It’s also a chance for us to look at some of the new collections and collaborations that will be coming out from IKEA in

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Measurements to Take Before Moving into Your Apartment

Although hilarious on television moving large furniture like couches and mattresses in real life: not so funny. Before you move into your new apartment taking a few measurements will help you ensure your furniture will fit in your new space and won’t get stuck on the way. 1. Interior Rooms Measure the length, width and

Worlds Most Luxurious Apartments

It’s not about size it’s how you use it, or when it comes to apartments its location and luxury. With the increase of career centred lifestyles many people are opting for the city lifestyle and reaping the benefits. Apartment living allows for convenience, low maintenance and upkeep, minimal time in commute and proximity to great

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What to Look for When Buying an Apartment as Your First Home

If you’re living by yourself, or you haven’t found a house that appeals to you yet, you may decide to purchase an apartment as your first home. Often, apartments are more affordable than multi-story houses. What’s more, you can build equity for the future with an apartment, by buying something to live in now and

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Making your bathroom Kid Friendly

The apartment lifestyle affords those who live it many luxuries, greater location options close to work, more access to good schools, entertainment and food varieties galore but alas, children friendly bathrooms are not among them – which means that parents looking to create a kid-friendly bathroom environment have to get creative. Short stuff Confession: the

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Fire Prevention in Apartments

Winter is well and truly on its way and staying warm and toasty during the colder winter months is no doubt a basic human necessity. But as apartment owners and renters get resourceful with their techniques, the risk of disaster lurks. Heating your small space is a must, but the right safety precautions may be

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Amazon Alexa: Using Alexa to secure your Apartment

Safety and security are essential whether you live in an apartment. Renters and short term investors are often in a unique circumstance when it comes to securing their spaces and may not want to sign a lengthy contract or invest in a fully monitored security system.  A wired security system is likely not an option,

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Flu Season 2019: Keeping your apartment clean.

Flu season is back once again. And kids in a small apartment space whose hand-washing skills are notably dubious can very quickly infect the whole household with all sorts of bugs and germs. But how can you go about preventing sick kids from infecting the whole family? Read on for some tips on how to

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Amazing Homes of the Rich and Famous

Do you ever wonder what life is like for the rich and famous? All those fast cars, designer clothes and exclusive holiday destinations must make life feel pretty good, no? And if that wasn’t enough – the sky is quite literally the limit when it comes to their homes. 1. Liev Schreiber Liev Schrieber actor,

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Puppy & Kid-Proof Your Plants with This $1.50 Hack from Kmart

Plants are a great way to add some life and colour to the décor in your apartment. Even the smallest apartment can benefit from a few extra plants, whether you’re using hanging plants on your balcony, or dotting cactuses around your living room. The only problem is that if you have small kids and pets

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